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Synthesizer V is an innovative music production tool that boasts a remarkable singing voice that mimics realistic vocals. Deep neural network-based synthesis powers the core of Synthesizer V to help craft unlimited vocal impressions with absolute ease. With its customizable AI pitch generation, the synthesizer can produce the most complex soundscapes in real-time. For professionals, Synthesizer V is the ultimate tool featuring unlimited tracks, VST3/AU plugin support, ASIO and Jack support which enables cross-lingual synthesis. It also has AI retakes, isolated aspiration output, tone shift parameter, microtonal adjustment, MIDI keyboard support, metronome, and advanced Lua/Javascript scripting.

With the unlimited vocal expressions feature, Synthesizer V lets you unlock new musical possibilities by delivering a naturalistic and life-like singing voice that is perfect for text-to-speech applications. Create unique vocal melodies with impressive vocal modes like the hybrid mode which blends different singing methods. The tone shift parameter allows the user to tweak tone, harmonics and partials of the output sound while the microtonal adjustment feature allows you to tune in microtonal notes with ease.

Another great feature is its clean vocals made for dedicated professionals. Synthesizer V offers live rendering capability, cross-lingual synthesis and AI retakes, allowing for the creation of flawless compositions for next-level productions. Its freemium pricing plan also makes it accessible to everyone.

In conclusion, Synthesizer V is an unmatched music production tool that provides the best vocal synthesis experience with all the advanced features you need to raise the level of your music production game. The possibilities are endless with this ground-breaking tool that redefines the way we produce music.

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Synthesizer V overview

Name: Synthesizer V
Makers: Kanru Hua


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