Soundful is an innovative service that boasts cutting-edge AI technology. With the click of a button, creators can use the platform to generate royalty-free tracks without the need for extensive musical knowledge or skills. The AI music generator is easy to use, allowing users to select their preferred genre and customize their inputs, which can help them tailor their musical output to their exact specifications.

Music creators also have access to a wealth of high-quality samples, making it easier to create unique music that stands out from the crowd. Soundful also provides the means for monetizing tracks on different platforms, which can be an important consideration for creators who want to make a living from their music. With three different pricing plans available, users can choose the best plan for their needs, depending on the levels of features and services that they require.

Among the platform’s features, Soundful provides transcription captioning and analysis capabilities, which can be incredibly useful for music creators, as it allows them to get a detailed understanding of the structure and composition of the music they have created. Additionally, the platform can be used to translate between different languages, a feature that can be particularly valuable for creators looking to expand their reach into new markets. Overall, Soundful is an excellent service for creators looking to generate high-quality music with ease, and it offers a wide range of features and pricing plans to meet different needs.

Pricing Model

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Soundful overview

Name: Soundful
Makers: Diaa El All, Eric Gilmore, Clement Connor, Giovanni Letellier


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