Question Base

Automate your internal support in Slack.
Question Base : Automate your internal support in Slack.
Question Base


Question Base is a powerful knowledge base service that has been designed to help teams streamline their workflows and improve productivity. With its groundbreaking AI technology, Question Base allows teams to get instant answers to questions posted within Slack. This feature ensures that team members can quickly get the information they need, allowing them to stay focused on their work and reducing interruptions.

One of the most impressive things about Question Base is how quickly it is able to provide answers to queries. In fact, the service is able to monitor conversations and provide accurate responses within just three seconds. This helps to ensure that team members never have to wait long for the information they need, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively.

For teams that are looking to take advantage of Question Base, the service is currently available for free during its beta period. This is an excellent opportunity for teams to try out this innovative tool and see how it can help to improve their workflows. In 2023, Question Base will offer pricing plans for teams of all sizes, so businesses can continue to use the service even after the beta period ends.

Above all, Question Base is an excellent tool for teams that rely on Slack for communication and collaboration. By providing a fast and efficient way to access knowledge stored in Slack, Question Base helps to grow the knowledge base of teams organically, making it easier for everyone to work more efficiently and effectively.

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Question Base overview

Name: Question Base
Makers: Yana Vlatchkova


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