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MonkeyLearn : No-Code Text Analytics


MonkeyLearn is an advanced text analytics platform that operates without any coding requirements, making analysis of customer feedback an easy task for businesses. With machine learning models that are both pre-built and customizable along with templates that cater to different business scenarios, MonkeyLearn provides quick and informative reports on text data, allowing for improved customer satisfaction and a better customer experience. By offering features such as instant data visualizations and detailed insights, MonkeyLearn makes it possible for businesses to gain valuable insights and take action efficiently.

MonkeyLearn also simplifies the process of text analytics by providing business templates specifically designed for the analysis of customer feedback. This, combined with pre-built and custom machine learning models, eliminates the need for businesses to invest in additional manpower or resources for analyzing text data. With MonkeyLearn, businesses are presented with detailed insights on their products, services, and customers, which allow for informed decisions and increased success rates.

MonkeyLearn operates on a paid pricing plan which offers a variety of options to suit the needs of different businesses, ensuring that businesses are able to find an appropriate plan that fits within their budget. Overall, the MonkeyLearn text analytics platform is a valuable asset for businesses engaged in marketing, research, and other activities that require customer feedback analysis.

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MonkeyLearn overview

Name: MonkeyLearn
Makers: Raúl Garreta, Ernesto Rodriguez, Federico Pascual, Martín Alcalá Rubí


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