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MetaVoice Studio is a unique voice modulation tool that offers users the ability to create custom voice clips. Whether you need a voice clip for a presentation, podcast, or voiceover, MetaVoice Studio is an excellent solution to create a custom voice clip.

With a free plan that offers six voices and 30-second clip length, users can get started recording their voice or uploading a file right away. The non-commercial license ensures that users won’t face any legal issues while using the platform.

For those who need more advanced features, MetaVoice Studio offers paid plans that include a commercial license, eight voices, and a 10-minute clip length. The tool will soon add custom voices to the list of features that make it an even more valuable tool for voiceover artists, marketers, and educators.

Furthermore, MetaVoice Studio offers enterprise solutions with custom pricing, API access, and fine-tuning support. This enables businesses and organizations to create unique voice clips for their promotional materials or programming.

Overall, MetaVoice Studio is an innovative voice modulation tool that offers features and pricing plans to meet the needs of users, regardless of their experience level. It’s an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a tool that can help you create custom voice clips quickly and easily.

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Name: MetaVoice Studio
Makers: Tom Etminan


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