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Create amazing show notes 10x faster with AI.
Melville App : Create amazing show notes 10x faster with AI.
Melville App


Melville App is a revolutionary tool for podcasters who want to create engaging content without spending hours brainstorming episode titles or writing detailed summaries. This AI-powered app takes care of these time-consuming tasks for you, saving you precious time and money. With Melville, you can automatically generate click-worthy episode titles that are sure to grab the attention of potential listeners. The app also generates optimized episode summaries that summarize the key points of your podcast and give listeners a clear idea of what they can expect from each episode.

One of the most exciting features of Melville is its ability to generate keywords that improve your podcast’s SEO. These keywords ensure that your podcast is easily discoverable by search engines, making it easier for new listeners to find your content. Additionally, Melville allows you to add time-stamped key points to your episode summaries, enabling listeners to jump directly to the parts that interest them.

Melville supports multiple podcasts and MP3 file formats, making it easy to manage all of your podcasts in one place. Whether you’re a new podcaster looking to increase your reach, or an experienced podcaster looking to streamline your workflow, Melville has something to offer. With its affordable pricing plans, you can take advantage of this powerful tool without breaking the bank. Try Melville today and experience the benefits of AI-powered podcast copywriting firsthand.

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Melville App overview

Name: Melville App
Makers: Mark Campbell


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