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Leap.ml : Add AI features to your app in minutes.


Leap.ml is an innovative service designed to help users generate images, edit them and fine-tune machine learning models with ease. The tool comes with an intuitive API that makes it easy for users to get started and create stunning images quickly. With Leap.ml, creating generative art has never been easier.

One of the key features of Leap.ml is its ability to generate images automatically. This feature is particularly useful for anyone looking to create unique and eye-catching artwork. With just a few clicks, users can use Leap.ml to generate digital art that is truly one-of-a-kind. This service allows users to experiment with various styles, color schemes and design elements to create unique and personalized artwork.

Another key feature of Leap.ml is its ability to fine-tune machine learning models. This feature allows users to adjust and tune the pre-existing machine learning models to better suit their needs. Whether one is looking to improve the quality of the artwork or simply tweak the settings to generate a particular type of image, Leap.ml makes it possible to do so with ease.

The user-friendly interface offered by Leap.ml is also worth highlighting. The interface is sleek, easy to navigate and makes it easy for users to access all the features they need to create amazing artwork. Whether one is an experienced artist or a beginner, Leap.ml offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use.

Best of all, Leap.ml is available as a freemium service. This means that users can get started with the service for free and have the opportunity to upgrade to the premium plan later on. For anyone looking to experiment with creating generative art, Leap.ml is definitely worth checking out.

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Leap.ml overview

Name: Leap.ml
Makers: Alex Schachne, Claudio Fuentes


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