Speak with confidence in business calls
Krisp : Speak with confidence in business calls


Krisp is a remarkable service that streamlines call quality on Mac and Windows devices. This revolutionary tool uses advanced AI technology to remove annoying background noise, distracting sounds, and echoes from your calls. With Krisp, users can communicate more effectively, be more productive, and get the job done efficiently.

One of Krisp’s standout features is its ability to intelligently cancel any type of noise, including barking dogs, city traffic, and even crying babies. This means that no matter where you are, Krisp ensures that your voice is crystal clear, eliminating the need to retreat to a quiet space to conduct an important call.

In addition to improving communication quality, Krisp also provides helpful insights on every call. The meeting insights feature provides statistics on meeting duration and communication patterns, while the call summary feature enables users to quickly recall the key points covered during the call.

Krisp’s freemium pricing plan allows users to test out the service with a limited number of minutes per week, making it an accessible option for everyone looking to improve their call quality. The service also provides a high level of security, with encrypted connections, SOC-2 compliance, and support for Google OAuth and SAML.

Overall, Krisp is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their communication quality and streamline their workflow. Whether you are a podcast host, a working professional, or a freelancer, Krisp can help you communicate clearly and confidently, without any distractions or disturbances.

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Krisp overview

Name: Krisp
Makers: Seda Babayan,Anna Bazoyan, Artavazd Minasyan


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