Find keywords your competition can only dream of : Find keywords your competition can only dream of

Description is an innovative, AI powered SEO tool that empowers users to generate keywords, questions, topics, and outlines for blog posts. The tool’s AI engine provides users with deep insights into their niche, enabling them to uncover the best keywords and topics to target for their audience. Moreover, the tool automates the process of answering “People Also Ask” questions that come up on Google.

One of the most distinct features of is its ability to generate thought provoking, controversial, and unconventional topics that can help users capture their audience’s attention. This is a great way to differentiate content and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the tool provides users with valuable data that can help them make informed decisions about which keywords to target, such as the estimated search volume and keyword difficulty. is a paid tool that is well worth the investment for any business or individual looking to create tailored content that speaks to their target audience’s needs. It is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses grow their online presence and attract new customers. Whether you are looking to refine your content strategy or just starting out, is the ideal tool for you.

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