Free AI-powered copywriting and artwork for marketers
Jounce : Free AI-powered copywriting and artwork for marketers


Jounce is a copywriting solution that leverages AI to support marketers, small businesses, and content creators in creating high-quality, effective content with ease. Its customizable templates, AI-powered editing capabilities, and dark mode make it an intuitive platform to work on. Additionally, Jounce offers a host of features such as unlimited team members, over 70 marketing templates, and keyword optimization, which are aimed at making content creation process simplified yet effective.

Jounce serves as a one-stop solution to generate various forms of content, including but not limited to blogs, social media posts, emails, website content, product descriptions, ad copy, headlines, and campaign strategies. Irrespective of the content category, Jounce assists in optimizing it for the target audience through its keyword optimization feature.

Moreover, Jounce’s pricing plan, which starts with a free subscription, ensures that every user, regardless of their budget, can utilize its features. The free plan also enables users to explore its offerings before upgrading to its paid plan, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. With Jounce, marketers no longer have to struggle to create quality content while focusing on their primary business objectives.

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