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Imaiger : AI Image Search & Generator


Imaiger is an innovative AI Image Search tool designed by Babatunde Lawal that makes the process of finding images quick, accurate and effortless. This powerful search engine utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide relevant results to its users. It learns from the behavior of users, and thus, the search output gets better with time.

This tool proves to be quite helpful for people who need images for a variety of purposes, including research, projects, presentations, and creative endeavors alike. Its ability to render relevant images makes it a time-efficient solution, allowing users to focus more on other aspects of their work. This AI-powered search engine is an answer to the tedious traditional methods of searching for images which required several keywords and filters to find the required images.

Imaiger offers a free trial to its users to get familiarized with its array of features. The tool’s pricing options are quite low-cost, and its free trial lets the user assess whether it’s the right tool for their needs or not. The AI Image search feature is a fantastic addition to the tool which allows users to automatically generate AI-generated images based on subjects or specific descriptions, creating a hassle-free experience. In all, Imager offers convenience, accuracy and quality results, contributing towards making the image search process advanced and accessible.

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