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Hidden Door


Hidden Door is an innovative platform that offers a unique social roleplaying experience for all gaming enthusiasts. It is powered by narrative AI, which allows users to create their stories and share them with friends. Unlike other game platforms, Hidden Door offers an immersive experience that combines natural language processing with procedural systems and game simulation technology to improvise with users and generate new adventures in favorite worlds.

With Hidden Door, users have the freedom to create their own storylines, characters, and settings. They can explore various genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and more. The platform’s AI algorithm can generate unexpected twists and turns in the plotline, making the experience even more engaging and unpredictable.

Additionally, Hidden Door recently secured a $7m seed round to expand its team and further improve its services. This indicates the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experiences, bringing new features, and continuously evolving to meet the needs of its users.

One of the most remarkable features of Hidden Door is that it is a free service, providing unlimited access to its entire range of features. This enables users to enjoy a fantastic social roleplaying experience without any subscription fees or hidden costs. Whether you are an experienced gamer or new to the world of gaming, Hidden Door offers a unique and engaging experience that will keep you hooked.

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Hidden Door overview

Name: Hidden Door
Makers: Hilary Mason, Matt Brandwein


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