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GPTZero is an advanced tool that is designed to accurately detect AI plagiarism with ease. It is a revolutionary solution that provides a complete score of how much of the document is written by AI. This makes it easier for users to identify the level of AI input and determine if the text was created using machine learning technologies. With GPTZero, businesses can ensure originality in their content, and writers can effectively validate the authenticity of their work.

One of the key features of GPTZero is its ability to highlight each sentence written by AI. This feature provides users with a clear understanding of the exact parts of a text that were generated by machine learning. This helps content creators understand the level of AI input and make informed decisions about further AI usage. GPTZero also offers batch uploading of multiple files, which is useful for content editors and writers dealing with high volumes of written content.

GPTZero is a cost-effective AI detection solution, with a pricing plan that is completely free. This means that users can take advantage of the tool’s powerful features without breaking the bank. Additionally, GPTZero also offers API access for organizations that require integrations with other systems. The tool is easy to set up, and the support team is readily available to assist users at all stages of the process. In summary, GPTZero is a reliable tool that offers comprehensive AI plagiarism detection for all users.

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Name: GPTZero
Makers: Edward, Alex, Yazan, Izzy, Aryan, Jacob, Junqi, Victoria, Sreejan


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