Turn your knowledge base into AI chat... in 2 minutes.
Fini : Turn your knowledge base into AI chat... in 2 minutes.


Fini is a remarkable AI-powered chat tool designed to help growth teams at PLG (product-led growth) companies identify the reasons for churn and provide personalized experiences for retaining the existing customers. It comes packed with a multitude of features ranging from tone and character configuration to seamless human routing, multi-channel approach, feedback learning, and much more. Through its natural language processing techniques, Fini can interact with customers and understand their specific requirements to offer individualized customer service.

Moreover, Fini operates on a continuous improvement cycle, which means that it keeps on learning from previous interactions and customer feedback to improve its responses and services. This not only helps in delivering an unmatched customer experience but also allows companies to identify the problematic areas that need improvements.

Fini is also equipped with a cutting-edge analytics platform that offers insightful metrics, such as retention uplift or revenue/user uplift, that enable businesses to make more informed decisions. In addition, it provides seamless integration with prevalent messaging platforms such as Intercom, Slack, and Discord, making it easier for businesses to handle customer queries across different channels.

Lastly, the service follows the freemium pricing plan, which means that a basic version of the tool is available for free, while a premium version with advanced functionalities can be accessed through a paid subscription. With its innovative features and integration capabilities, Fini has become a trusted partner for data-driven tech companies across the world.

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