Emvoice One is the ultimate tool for music producers and creators looking to add realistic vocals to their music compositions. This unique plugin utilizes artificial intelligence technology, allowing users to generate lifelike vocal performances through the input of text. With four distinct voices to choose from, including Keela, Lucy, Jay, and Thomas, each with their own unique range and price, users are sure to find the perfect match for their project.

The plugin’s customizable performances give users the ability to adjust pitch, timing, and vibrato to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, Emvoice One offers a free demo mode with limited functionality, allowing users to test the plugin before committing to a purchase.

Emvoice One is compatible with all major digital audio workstations and requires an internet connection to operate. Whether you’re producing pop tracks, film scores, or video game soundtracks, the AI-generated vocals of Emvoice One will take your compositions to the next level.

The Freemium pricing plan makes Emvoice One accessible to all music producers and creators, regardless of their budget. With its multiple voice types, customizable performances, and AI-generated technology, Emvoice One is a must-have tool for any music production toolkit.

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Emvoice overview

Name: Emvoice
Makers: Jacob McCloskey , Michelle Thompson ,


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