OnlyComs: The Ultimate Domain Name Generator and Top Alternatives for 2023

OnlyComs: The Ultimate Domain Name Generator and Top Alternatives for 2023
OnlyComs: The Ultimate Domain Name Generator and Top Alternatives for 2023

The best websites have catchy domain names. They are short, memorable, and fresh. However, it can be challenging to come up with a unique domain name that matches your goals and hasn’t already been taken.

Domain generators can help you come up with clever domain names for your site. These tools are easy to use and make it simple to pick a domain name that meets your needs.

In this post, we will take a closer look at Onlycoms, an AI-driven domain generator that exclusively creates .COM domain names. We will also discuss some best practices to follow when choosing a domain name. Finally, we will explore some innovative domain generators to help you get inspired.

Only.Coms: AI-generated .com domains

Software developer Sandis Klakovskis created, a platform powered by ChatGPT. With Onlycoms, you can submit a project or idea description, and the tool prompts ChatGPT to generate a list of suitable domain names for you. Additionally, there is a unique “Random idea” feature that allows ChatGPT to generate random business ideas, perfect for those seeking inspiration or simply wanting to explore the tool.

Only.Coms: AI-generated .com domains
Only.Coms: AI-generated .com domains

Interestingly, the AI itself almost came up with the domain name Initially, the suggested name was “,” but Sandis made a slight modification. This highlights one of the valuable aspects of Onlycoms — even if the suggested domain names don’t exactly match what you’re looking for, they can still inspire you.

Once Onlycoms generates possible domain name combinations, the platform verifies their availability for registration. This ensures that you don’t get your hopes up for a domain that is already owned by someone else. To facilitate this process, Sandis partnered with Namecheap for domain registration. Sandis chose Namecheap due to their competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, mobile app, diverse range of top-level domain (TLD) offerings (although only .COM domains are relevant in this case), free domain privacy protection, and generous affiliate program.

5 Best OnlyComs Alternatives to generate domains for your next project 

Lean Domain Search is the ultimate tool for finding the perfect domain name for your website. With just a single keyword, you can explore a wide range of domain name options using Lean Domain Search. It’s the ideal tool if you’re looking for fresh and highly relevant ideas for your complete domain.

Key Features of Lean Domain Search:

  1. Input Word Permutation: Easily generate domain name options by inputting a single keyword.
  2. Check Domain Availability: Instantly check if your desired domain names are available for registration.
  3. Domain Name Suggestions: Receive a variety of domain name suggestions based on your input keyword.
  4. Check across all TLD: Explore domain availability across multiple top-level domains (TLDs).

Additional Features:

  • Filter alphabetically, by length, or by popularity: Easily refine your search results based on your preferences.
  • Track your search history: Keep a record of your past searches for future reference.
  • Share your search results with others: Collaborate and gather feedback by sharing your search results with colleagues or friends.
  • Instant availability check: Quickly find out if your website name ideas are available for registration.


Panabee is an exceptional domain generator that excels in providing a delightful and interactive user experience (UX). Getting started with this powerful tool is a breeze – just input a few keywords into the search box, and it will swiftly present you with a comprehensive list of both available and taken domain names.

The availability of domain names is clearly indicated, making it easy for you to identify the ones with potential. However, it’s worth noting that even exploring the taken domains can ignite your creativity and inspire new ideas.

Bust a Name

Bust a Name is a top-notch website name generator that provides a plethora of filtering tools to assist you in discovering a high-quality domain name that precisely fits your requirements. Similar to Onlycoms, It stands out as one of the best tools in the market.

With Bust a Name, you can easily explore both available and taken domain names, giving you a comprehensive overview of the domain landscape. Additionally, you have the flexibility to filter the results based on specific extensions such as .com, .net, and .org.

Key Features of Bust a Name:

  1. Suggestions for Similar Keywords: Get valuable suggestions for similar keywords, expanding your options and sparking new ideas.
  2. Domain Saving for Review: Save the domains you find interesting and review them at your convenience, making the selection process more organized and efficient.
  3. Alphabetical, Quality, and Length Sorting: Sort the domain names alphabetically, by quality, or by length, allowing you to easily navigate through the results and find the perfect fit.


Nameboy is a leading domain name generator renowned for its exceptional performance in the market. Established in 1999, it has earned a reputation as one of the most well-known and respected name generators available.

Using Nameboy is a breeze – simply enter your desired keywords, and it will swiftly generate a multitude of clever and innovative domain name ideas for you. You can then click on any domain name to access detailed information or effortlessly complete the registration process by following the provided instructions. One of the remarkable advantages of Nameboy is its blazingly fast speed, allowing you to explore a vast array of domain name ideas in minimal time.

In addition to its instant domain name search tool, Nameboy’s team has expanded its offerings to include various other generators. These include a store name generator, blog name generator, brand name generator, podcast name generator, startup name generator, and more. This comprehensive range of tools caters to diverse naming needs and ensures that users can find the perfect name for their specific ventures.


DomainWheel is an innovative AI-powered tool similar to OnlyComs, dedicated to generating practical and user-friendly domain names. With its advanced capabilities, it not only presents search results but also offers creative random ideas that share similarities or rhyme with your original search.

This unique feature proves invaluable in discovering unconventional and imaginative domain ideas that may have otherwise eluded you. Additionally, DomainWheel provides a convenient list of domain registrars, allowing you to seamlessly register your chosen domain once you have identified the perfect URL.

Experience the power of DomainWheel and unlock a world of possibilities for your online presence.

More AI Domain Name generators worth trying

ServiceDescriptionExtensions SupportedAdditional Features
Domain WheelA straightforward domain name search tool. Enter keywords and select desired extensions.15 extensions including .blog, .usRelevant keyword suggestions
Bust a NameProvides two tools: Domain Search and Domain Maker. Quick Domain Check for availability. Word Combiner for generating domain, .net, .orgAdjustable preferences for extensions, word combinations, and prefix usage
LOGO.comCreative business domain name generator with branding tools. Advanced settings for search customization.Preferred TLDsCharacter and word limits, synonyms, inclusion/exclusion of specific keywords (Brand Kit)Purchase the brand kit for $10/month to get a free domain name for the first year. Offers business name and logo inspirations.Preferred TLDsVisualize the brand with logos, domain name availability check, logo editing, free domain for the first year
TRUiCFree domain name generator with localized options. Enter keywords and location to find available domains.Business name display, option to save preferred domain names
DomainrQuick domain research tool with a clean interface. Provides suggestions, including related keywords and premium/unavailable domains.N/A
NameStationFree domain name generator requiring an account. Offers various search features such as keyword specifications, category selection, and preferred extensions.Unique naming contest feature for creative ideas from the community

Choosing good domain name

A domain name serves as the unique URL where visitors can access your website. Typically, acquiring a distinctive domain name requires a payment. The cost of a domain name typically ranges from $10 to $20, but it’s important to note that .com addresses can be pricier due to their widespread popularity. However, you also have the option to explore alternative Top-Level Domains (TLDs) such as .org, .shop, .info, .net, and many more.

When selecting your domain name, there are several crucial factors to consider. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Opt for credible domain extensions like .org, .com, and .net to establish trust and credibility.
  • Keep your domain name concise for easy memorization by visitors.
  • Ensure simplicity by avoiding numbers and special characters within the domain.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords to enhance organic traffic and search engine optimization.
  • Make it effortless for people to pronounce and spell your domain name.
  • Verify that your chosen name does not infringe upon any trademarked names or existing brands.

It’s worth noting that you may have the opportunity to obtain a free domain name, albeit for a limited period, by selecting a reputable web host that includes it as part of their hosting services.

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